Wednesday 31 January 2018

What I Ate Wednesday 31.01.18

Here we go again with another What I Ate Wednesday. I'll admit, I made a conscious effort to make this different to last weeks post, as I am definitely guilty of eating the same meals over and over! I find it especially difficult to come up with new meals I can have for lunch each day, because I need something that is easily put into a tupperware box to take to work with me.

To start my day, I had a smoothie with banana, frozen mango, spinach, chia seeds and water. I've found drinking this really helps with my digestion and is a much better alternative to starting your day with hot drinks as it's really refreshing.

For breakfast I had Weetabix with flax seed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and unsweetened soya milk. This was a bit different to the banana on toast I have every morning as I mentioned above, I didn't want it to be exactly the same!

Lunch for me was a stir fry. This comprised of broccoli, green beans, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms and rice cakes in a vegetable stir fry sauce with sweet chilli sauce. This was topped with sesame seeds. Rice cakes are somewhat new to me, being introduced by a work friend to them has definitely upped my stir fry game, as they are much easier to eat than noodles for me!

My snacks today were two pieces of Beetroot Brownie (recipe coming soon), and a Tesco Free From Banana Soya yogurt. This was my first time trying these yogurts and I can highly recommend them! I can also highly recommend my beetroot brownies and I hope you all look forward to seeing the recipe which I promise will get posted soon.

For dinner, I had fajitas with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, Quorn Vegan Nuggets with spices. I topped this with Tesco Free From Jalapeno and Chilli Cheddar vegan cheese as well as some salsa and spinach in the wrap. This was a super filling dinner and I've even saved some of it to have for my lunch tomorrow. I've been trying to stay away from meat-alternatives as I found they were causing my acne to break out (boo) but I had some of these nuggets in the freezer and thought they'd go pretty well in my fajitas tonight.

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into what I typically eat in a day! I'm not sure if I'll make this a regular weekly thing or not yet, it might just happen when I think I'm eating interesting food that day haha! 

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