Wednesday 17 January 2018

Dinner at The Bohemian, Newcastle upon Tyne UK

I wanted to change this blog up a little bit, and thought I might start reviewing/ just talking about the different restaurants I eat at. Recently I went to eat "The Bohemian" in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I'd been there once previously and enjoyed how all the options on the menu were vegetarian (could be made vegan) or fully vegan. They offered starters, mains, desserts and even vegan cocktails!! 

The restaurant is near the central railway station in town, only a few minutes walk away, so is handy if you don't really know the city and don't want to trek to the outskirts of the city! Inside the restaurant the decor is beautiful, think fairy lights, plants, neon signs and walls plastered with vinyl prints. There is even a large selection of vinyl records available to buy in the restaurant itself! 

For the starter, my boyfriend and I shared the vegan "Classic Nachos", which was a suitably sized portion to not fill you up too much before your starter. The nachos were absolutely delicious (gotta love that guac) and my non vegan boyfriend actually commented on how delicious the vegan cheese was! 

For our mains, I enjoyed the "'Meat' Feast" vegan pizza, and my boyfriend had the "Chilli Cheese Chimichanga", also vegan. Both were lovely, although I personally wasn't a big fan of the vegan 'sausage' on my pizza I would still recommend trying it. My boyfriend commented that the chimichanga was tasty, although a little cheesy for him! Neither of us could manage a dessert so I can't comment on them, next time maybe!! Alongside our mains we also ordered the "hot chilli" dip and the "garlic mayo". Now, whilst my boyfriend is someone who can stand realllllly hot spicey food (his Mum makes a chilli sauce using chillis that can also be used for tear gas!!!), he admitted this was a little too spicy for him, although we both agreed that the garlic mayo dip was beautiful. All the dips The Bohemian offer are vegan #winning 😆

One slightly niggle I had with the restaurant was that the service was slightly off, to start with the waitress was eager to take our order but after we had our food the staff seemed to avoid the table and we waited about 20 minutes for our plates to be cleared, despite the restaurant not being that busy. I have worked in a restaurant for many years myself and I know that sometimes there's just simply not the chance to get to a table due to other tasks, but the wait staff were attending all the tables around us just not ours. This could have been a one-off thing tonight, so it won't stop me from going back in the future and I wouldn't let it stop you from trying out their delicious food!

Overall, I'd recommend anyone passing through or anyone who lives in the North of England to try out The Bohemian and let me what you had and what you think of it if you do!

You can find The Bohemian restaurant here;

p.s. sorry for the poor picture quality, I used the camera on my phone and it just couldn't cope with the dimmed lighting 😓

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