Sunday 13 May 2018

Quick & Easy Vegan Porridge

Porridge is a staple breakfast. It is also one of the simplest things you can make with only two ingredients. All you need is some oats and a liquid of your choice. You can then choose to add to it, with toppings like fruit, sauces and seeds. I have posted pictures of my porridge over on my Instagram and people asked for my recipe so here it is - my recipe for Quick and Easy Vegan Porridge! 

Quick & Easy Vegan Porridge
As I mentioned above, all you really need to make porridge are two ingredients, oats and a liquid. My liquid of choice is normally soya milk, however any other non-dairy milk would work just as well, and I have also used water which turns out well! I tend to use both soya milk and water, but it's up to you what ratio you use as you really just need the liquid! 

My toppings of choice include banana, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (getting that protein) and syrup for a little sweetness. I've also been known to add strawberries, blueberries and chocolate syrup. 

Quick & Easy Vegan Porridge
I do tend to just "eye-ball" the recipe, so this is just a guide for you to follow, in no time you'll be able to tell how much ingredients you need! ALSO, my number one tip for porridge is to do it on the hob in a pan! A microwave is just a terrible way to make porridge really as there is no way to easily control it and keep and eye on it. Seriously, use a pan. You'll thank me later.

*I should also mention that this is quite a generous serving of porridge, I find that a larger serving keeps me fuller for longer so feel free to mess around with the quantities!

Quick & Easy Vegan Porridge

Total time: 5 Minutes
  • 50g Porridge Oats
  • 300-350ml Liquid (You can use dairy free milk, water, or a mix of both)
  • Your Choice of Toppings (Fruit, sauces, seeds)
Cooking Directions
  1. Pour the oats into the pan with the liquid.
  2. Stir well to combine.
  3. Turn your hob on to a medium heat and bring the porridge to a boil, keeping an eye on it so it doesn't boil over or stick to the bottom of the pan!
  4. Heat the porridge for around 4 minutes, adding more liquid if you feel it is not runny enough for your taste.
  5. Pour into a bowl and serve with your choice of toppings!

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