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Welcome to Susiechef! 

Time for introductions - my name is Susie, and I enjoy baking, cooking and taking pictures of food! I figured I'd try and share some of my recipes with other like minded people and that's where this blog came from. This started as just an Instagram page back in 2014 when I was studying for my A Levels (it was a nice distraction 😅). I was persuaded by a friend to start a blog in order to share my recipes more easily - I was previously just pasting them into the comments of my photos so a blog made more sense and allowed me to go into a little more detail.

The name Susiechef came from my Dad, who called me his "Susiechef", a play on the word sous-chef, meaning I was second in command in his kitchen ha! 

In March 2017, after being vegetarian for a while, I decided to become vegan! So whilst some of the recipes on my blog aren't vegan, I decided to leave them up on here because I realise that whilst I choose to eat and live this way, not everyone does and they can still enjoy the foods they want to! Another fun fact about me is that I have a serious nut allergy (which we've known about since I was a baby) which means none of my recipes include nuts - everything is totally nut free!

I hope you enjoy looking around my blog and feel free to email me, leave a comment, or follow me on Instagram (that's where you'll normally find me!), I'd love to hear from all of you who have found my little space on the internet.

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